Trane Thermostat Error Codes [2022]: Simple Steps To Fix

Getting Trane thermostat error codes is much more common if you have a Trane thermostat unit. However, some error appears in two or three digits, and some appear only in one. Sometimes, errors can be a combination of digits and letters, while sometimes, only letters or only digits may appear.

Trane Thermostat Error Codes

An error code appearing on your Trane thermostat always wants to tell you that there is anything wrong is happening with it. Either the issue is with its components or any other problems are occurring.

Another notable thing about Trane Thermostat error codes- is that they may vary from model to model, and the solutions also vary accordingly.

Important Note: Usually, resetting your Trane unit may solve any error. So, if you get an error code on your Trane thermostat, the most common step that you should try is to reset your unit. This could be done by yourself and save your hundreds of dollars- which were going to be spent on a technician.

Tip: Consult the owner’s manual to see what the appearing error code means. 

However, in a lot of cases, you can fix the error code on your own, also you can take the help of this guide.

Let’s see the errors list and what they indicate.

List of Trane Touch Screen Thermostat Error Codes

If you have a programable Trane thermostat (Touch Screen) then, here is the list of the error codes and their meaning:

Trane Thermostat Error Codes

Trane Thermostat Error Code E0

Trane Thermostat Code E0 indicates a Thermistor error. to fix this error code, Check sensor terminals S1 & S2 to verify for a tight connection, if wires are properly connected, go for replacing the sensor, and if these fail to fix the error, your thermostat needs to be serviced or replaced.

Error Code E1 On Trane Thermostat

Error code E1 on your Trane thermostat is usually an indication of a fault with the Humidity sensor. 

To Fix this error code, follow these steps:

  1. Power cycle your unit, doing this, the internal humidity sensor may recover. 
  1. Check the Hs & Hp terminals, and don’t skip to check your remote humidity sensor to ensure any damage/malfunction. 
  1. Replace if necessary.

Trane Thermostat Error Code E2

Trane Thermostat Error Code E2 indicates a sensor failure shutdown. To fix this error code, you will need a service that could be done by professionals. 

Trane Thermostat Error Code E3

Code E3 on your Trane thermostat usually implies a permanent data error. This error code usually appears when the sensor drains battery current during sleep. If the error persists and batteries empty before the time, the sensor may have defective elements and need to be replaced.

Trane Thermostat Error Code E4

Code E4 on your Trane thermostat is generally an indication of outranged voltage, either it is higher than 32 VAC or lower than 18VAC. To fix this error code, check the thermostat input voltage. Do this if you know very well how to deal with a multimeter, otherwise, call a professional to handle this.

What is Trane Thermostat Error Code 79, and how to fix it?

Trane Thermostat Error Code 79 generally says that the unit’s low-pressure switch is open. This might happen if the evaporator coil is frozen, the air filter has been clogged, the low-pressure switch is defective, or if the level of refrigerant is low.

To fix this error code:

Try Resetting the Thermostat and if this doesn’t help, try checking the components as mentioned above.

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Trane Thermostat Error Code 26: what does it indicate?

Trane Thermostat Error Code 26 indicates that your furnace has exceeded the set limit. As a result, your unit might start overheating. This generally happens due to clogged filters, blocked fans, blocked air ducts, and dirty air conditioner coil.

How to fix Trane Thermostat Error Code 26?

As Trane Thermostat error 26 may appear due to clogged filters, blocked fans blocked air ducts, and dirty air conditioner coil, you can fix this error code easily by checking these all components and cleaning if found any issues in them.

Trane Thermostat Error Code 91

Trane Thermostat Error Code 91 is an indication of a communication hindrance between the thermostat and the HVAC equipment. This might appears when a power issue happens. Wait for at least 30 minutes to establish the connection between the thermostat and the unit. If the error code is still appearing, either the circuit board or the thermostat is faulty.

What does Trane Thermostat Error code 158 mean?

Error code 158 On Trane Thermostat usually means that the evaporator coil is too cold (the temperature is below 32 F). The possible causes that can help to appear this error code are- Insufficient airflow and a low level of refrigerant.

Trane Thermostat Error Code 89

Trane Thermostat Error Code 89 is related to the cooling/heating equipment. In simple words, the thermostat is unable to find such equipment. As the main culprit of this error code, tripped breaker and blown fuse can be considered. However, sometimes, burnt wiring may also cause this error.

Trane 950 Thermostat Error Code 126

Error code 126 on Trane 950 Thermostat is related to a low-temperature lockout. To fix this error code, just reset your thermostat and see if this helps or if you need a pro.

Trane 1050 Thermostat Error Code 67.06

Trane 1050 Thermostat Error Code 67.06 can appear when the suction temperature sensor is experiencing problems in cooling mode. To fix this error code, check if the sensor is damaged or not. Replace if needed.

Trane Comfortlink II Error Code 90

Trane Comfortlink II Error Code 90 is an indication that the device is unable to recognize the equipment. To fix this error code, turn off the indoor and outdoor units and turn back them ON, and give some time to re-establish the connection. 

If this step fails to fix the problem, check the wiring or the thermostat circuit as these may get faulty.

Trane Comfortlink II Error Code 22

Error code 22 on your Trane Comfortlink II Thermostat indicates a soft lockout, and this usually happens when flame loss or an unsuccessful ignition attempt happens. 

To fix this error code, clean the pilot assembly mounts and the burners. However, sometimes, resetting your thermostat may also help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reset a Trane Thermostat? What are the steps to reset a Trane Thermostat?

To reset w wired Trane thermostat, turn off the power of the whole unit and wait for a few seconds then turn the power ON. To reset a wireless Trane thermostat, go to the Menu and select Settings, and then tap on reboot.

Does the Trane Unit Have A Reset Button?

In a Trane furnace, you will find the reset button right next to the blower wheel and blower motor.

How To Reset a Nexia Trane Thermostat?

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your system is idle.
  2. Now, press Menu.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Select Reboot and let your thermostat shut down completely and then restart.

Trane Thermostat Not Heating? What To Do?

If your Trane thermostat is stopped heating, follow these steps:

  • Check if the circuit breaker is not tripped.
  • The thermostat is not set too low.
  • The thermostat is not calibrating properly.
  • Check if the air filters are dirty.
  • The pilot light is not out or the gas is turned off.

Trane Thermostat is not connecting to Wi-Fi: What to do?

If your Trane thermostat is not connecting to the wi-fi then, the weak signal of your network may be the main cause of it. Check your internet connection properly. Also, follow these steps too:

  1. Keep your router closer to the Thermostat.
  1. Power cycle your router or internet device.
  1. Restart your thermostat and router and give them another chance to stable a fresh connection.

Wrapup Texts

However, we have tried to include almost all Trane thermostat error codes, but some errors may get skipped. If you have found that your error is not mentioned in this guide, tell us, and we will try to provide a simple solution to that. If you have found this guide helpful, please share this with your colleagues and friends also.

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