Samsung TV Error Code 155: Fix in Minutes

Now, day by day technology is growing.  People are using smart devices like mobiles,  TVs, etc. But using these intelligent devices people are also facing some errors.  Sometimes it’s very irritating. Today,  we will talk about one TV error: Samsung TV Error Code 155. I hope you will get a solution here in this guide.  

Causes of Samsung TV Error code 155

When you get this error on your TV,  there are many causes of this which are mentioned below-

  • Unstable Internet Connection 
  • Router connection
  • Outdated firmware 
  • Internet Speed.
  • Outdated App Version
  • Incorrect Date and Time.

How to Fix Samsung  TV error code 155?

Samsung  TV error code 155

When you are watching your favorite shows and movies on TV and if you get an error then it’s very irritating sometimes. There are several steps that you can follow and get over this error.

  • Check the Internet connection
  • Update your TV firmware version
  • Check the internet speed
  • Check the date and time
  • Update the App version: If the error is appearing while accessing a particular app.

Check the internet connection

Is your device properly connected to the internet? Sometimes, TV is not properly connected to the internet, then you will get Samsung TV Error Code 155. So, disconnect to the Wi-Fi and re-connect. It will help you to resolve the error.

Check the Internet Speed

Sometimes, many devices are connected to the internet, and internet speed gets slow, and this error appears on your TV screen.  Disconnect all the devices. Only connect the TV to the internet. And check still you are getting the same error code or not, otherwise, check for other solutions.

Check Date and Time

Once you Switch ON your TV, check the date and time. You can correct the date and time by following the below steps-

With the help of remote

  • Open Setting.
  • Select General
  • Now, go to the System Manager.
  • Select Time
  • Next, Select Clock.
  • Then, select clock mode and select manual.
  • Now, enter the time.
  • Select the date and time using the direction button on the remote.
  • Restart the TV.

If still getting the same error then look for another solution.

Check the App Version

App’s outdated version also a cause of this error. For this, update your app version. Go through the following steps to update the app version-

  • Click on the Smart Hub button.
  • Click on Featured.
  • Navigate to an app that you want to update.
  • Press and hold the enter button and wait for the sub-menu.
  • Select update Apps.
  • Click on Select All.
  • Select update.

Update the firmware version

There are two methods to update your Samsung TV software to its current version. Below are the steps that will install the TV’s firmware easily but, if you are facing any issues with this, you can follow our complete guide on- How to Update Samsung TV Software to its current Version.

  • Using the TV remote, Press the home button.
  • Using the directional pad, select the setting.
  • Select support.
  • Now, select Software update.
  • Select update now.
  • TV checks for any available updates.
  • To complete, select OK.

Clear the App Cache

App cache also plays an important role to overcome the error. To clear the app cache, follow the given steps-

  • Click on the Home button from your TV remote.
  • Navigate to the setting.
  • Select the Apps.
  • Navigate to the System Apps.
  • Select the app that you want clear the cache.
  • Click on Clear Cache.
  • Click OK to confirm.

Final Words

Since officially there is no information available related to the error code 155 on your Samsung TV, you can perform these actions to fix it:

  • Check the Internet connection
  • Update your TV firmware version
  • Check the internet speed
  • Check the date and time
  • Update the App version: If the error is appearing while accessing a particular app.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall App.

If nothing helps, contact Samsung Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the causes When Samsung TV does not connect to the internet?

Sometimes, internet connection is not a problem. To check this, disconnect the internet. Connect another device to it not the TV. If it works then it means the internet connection is not a problem, problem with your TV. If another device also not working, then a problem with the router. Check your router, unplug it and wait for a minute. Reconnect and check again.

How do I update the firmware on my Samsung TV?

With the help of the TV remote, go to setting and select support. Chose the software update and select Update Now. The latest updates will be downloaded and installed on your TV.

Why does my Samsung TV keep saying network cable disconnected?

Sometimes just because of compatibility issues, the TV will not connect to it. Please confirm that your Wi-Fi network is compatible with your TV.  

Why does my Samsung keep saying can’t connect to the server?

If you are getting “ Unable to connect to the Samsung server” on Samsung TV, then you have to reset your network. Please follow the below steps to do this-

  • With the help of the TV remote, click on source.
  • Go to Setting.
  • Click on Enter.
  • Go to general.
  • Click on Network.
  • Click on Reset Network.

Doing this will restore the Network Setting back to factory defaults.

How do you do a hard reset on a Samsung TV?

There are below steps to hard reset on Samsung TV-

  • Go to Setting.
  • Select General.
  • Select Reset, and Enter your PIN(By default 0000).
  • Select Reset.
  • Click on OK.

After this, the TV will restart automatically.

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