Sky Q Error MR106: Fix Connectivity Issue With This Guide

Have you recently noticed Sky Q Error MR106? Facing problems accessing the app could be frustrating to anyone. But, hopefully, there are certain ways to get rid of this issue. If you love to take a subscription-based entertainment provider, Sky Q can be well-fitted for you. This company provides a ton of entertaining products on it that users love to take.

Many possibilities are that a user may face an error when he/she uses Sky Q to watch his/her select content for entertainment. If you are facing an MR106 error then, this could be the place where this error can be resolved by not doing a tough job, but some simple steps can do this.

Before going to its steps for the solution, let’s have a brief knowledge about Sky Q.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is a subscription-based entertainment service providing platform having currently broadcasted countries like Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, and the UK. Users can use this on satellite television and IPTV. You can assume this as the future of Sky Television.

Like several technologies, they also have some piece of errors and bugs. Error code MR106 is a little one issue that users may face when they try to use this Sky Q.

When, Users may Face Sky Q Error MR106?

When, Users may Face Sky Q Error MR106?

Sky Q Error MR106 usually appears when the Sky Q or Sky mini is unable to establish a connection. Users may also see an error message associated with this error code like “You can’t watch TV right now as there is a connectivity problem.” Additionally, when your Sky Q or Sky mini loses internet connection, you will fail to access Sky’s features like downloading content, streaming movies and videos, or accessing your account. What steps will help in this situation? Let’s discuss them.

There is not a lot of information available related to this particular error but, we have found some simple steps and hope these will fix your issue.

When we were digging the internet, we have found an official guide on connectivity problems.  You can check your box’s connectivity status here.

Steps To Fix Sky Q Error MR106

Sky Q Error MR106

Somehow, we are hoping these steps will resolve your problem. Performing a hard reboot of your router makes your task easy.

  • Turn Off your Internet Router.
  • Unplug all the cables from it.
  • Wait for at least 40 seconds.
  • Replug all the detached cables.
  • Power ON your Router again.

Hopefully, the connectivity issue has been resolved now. If still facing the issue, move your Sky Mini towards the router; simply place these devices closer so that the internet connection can be established properly.

Alternatively, an ethernet cable can be used to resolve the issue for a short period. Usually, an ethernet provides faster internet speed than wi-fi. So, using this shouldn’t be a bad idea.


To sum up, Sky Q Error MR106 is a result of an internet connection issue that could be resolved by hard rebooting your router. Try to put Sky Q or Sky mini and the router closer so that a good internet connection can be established between the box and the router. Alternatively, you can also use an ethernet cable to fix the issue.

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