Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01F01 [How To Fix]

As we all know for a fact whirlpool is a very renowned company when it comes to any electronic appliances or home appliances for that matter. But even after being one of the best companies in the market, Whirlpool is also not protected from error codes. Error codes very well occur and exist in the systems of Whirlpool as well. 

The Whirlpool washer error code E01F01 is one such error code that is a very dangerous and serious one. First of all, it is a very complex error to fix, and secondly, the person who I fixing the error should always be aware and attentive to it because if not handled carefully it will turn out to be dangerous.

So it is important to know what is this error code about in detail and then we will go on to know the solution steps to it.

What is the Whirlpool washer error code E01F01? 

As it has already been said at the start of the article that this particular error code is a dangerous one. This is one such error code that results in the malfunction of the whole Whirlpool washer. It does allow the user to have an access to wait and perform its desired functions.

This error code is associated with the printed circuit. The circuit is considered to be the main part of any electronic appliance and if there is a problem with that particular part then obviously there is no way that the machine will properly function.

Hence, it includes cardinal measures and a considerable amount of cost to deal with this error code. When it will be fixed then the machine will come back to its proper functioning.

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Causes of the Whirlpool washer error code E01F01

Whirlpool washer error code E01F01

There are a few causes that aggravate this error code and it turns out to be dangerous.

 These causes are listed below:

  • It depicts that the transistor EEPROM is damaged and non-volatile. It has electrically-erasable memory which also gets disturbed because of the occurrence of this error code.
  • It has also been suggested that there occurs a problem with the mainboard which disrupts the connection.  
  • If there is a problem receiving the normal signal conductivity between the EEPROM and the Central control unit, then also this error code will be shown on the display screen of the machine.
  • One of the major causes of the error code is if the entire Central control board is burnt out then there is no way that the washer will work properly.

Therefore these are called the probable causes that initiate this dangerous issue but solving this is also an important task. It has been discussed in the next segment.

How to Fix Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01F01?

It is very important to know the troubleshooting measures of this dangerous problem in detail and with full awareness. So go through this section and pay full attention to whatever measures have been stated in it. 

The following solutions have been mentioned below:

Check the outlet status

It is considered to be a priority action in this regard. At first, you need to check the outlet status that it has proper voltage and grounding of the circuit or not.  If you see that everything in the circuit is normal then after waiting for some time you can switch on the washing machine. Then you may proceed to check the electronic microcircuit.

Re recordable memory transistor

Sometimes the Whirlpool washer works like a mini-brain that has transitive memory of its own. That transitive memory can be recorded and re-recorded. It is responsible for storing the functioning activity of the washer. It specifically means that if there is no selected mode on 8 then there will be no reaction to the commands that have been given by the user.

Repair the damaged EEPROM

An electrically erasable and automatically reprogrammable ROM is a black miniature relay. It is responsible for sending and receiving signals to and from the washing machine. Therefore it has a specific location on the main board of the washer. Most probably, in this case, the circuit breaks and it is very important to repair the said circuit. If it does not help and error E01 F01 appears again, then replace the memory module. 

Replace the broken CCU

The central control unit is broken and is very hard to repair. Generally, it is not repairable as it is a main component of the machine and the structure is a complex one. So it is always advisable to replace the broken or damaged CCU. If you are lucky enough to repair it then you may proceed with your washer with the same.

Replace electronic module

The burnt-out control board is of no use. It becomes useless and the washer is kept idle. so it is advisable to replace the electronic module totally to get rid of the particular error code and make your washer of some use. If you want to install a new unit, slide the old one a little to the right and remove it. It is not a complex process though but an easy fix to try.

Therefore these are all the solutions that can be provided regarding the Whirlpool washer error code E01 F01. 

Final Words

In final words, it can be said that this is a dangerous error and the fixation of it, very carefully should be dealt with. If you are unable to fix it in any case then you make call any person who repairs electricity for home appliances. You may contact support on the Whirlpool website so that they can acknowledge this problem.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the Whirlpool washer error code E01 F01 occur?

The reasons for the occurrence of the cell error code have been stated in this article followed by the solutions to it.

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