Whirlpool Washer error code F3E1: Causes and Solutions

Whirlpool washer error code F3E1: Whirlpool is a brand name when it comes to electronic appliances especially washing machines and other washer systems. It is widely and globally recognized and appreciated by its users. Whirlpool washers are very populated and in demand when it comes to any washing systems for that matter. 

Will you find it a bit weird or surprising if you hear that Whirlpool washers are also prone to error codes? I mean have you ever thought of the occurrence of error codes in washers? Well yes, it is possible. And the Whirlpool washer also happens to come across a few of the error codes which includes the Whirlpool washer error code F3E1. 

Do you know what is this error code about? If not then this article is meant for you. you will get to know about this error code and how to solve the problem in this article. Go through the next fragment to have a proper idea about the Whirlpool washer error code F3E1. 

What is the Whirlpool washer error code F3E1? 

What is Whirlpool Washer error code F3E1?

The whirlpool washer error code F3E1 is a water-level system error code. It shows that there is some water-level pressure increase or decrease and it also detects an out-of-range pressure signal. 

This particular error code occurs when the control board cannot display the water level to continue the program on the screen. Thus, it causes hindrance in the functioning of the washing machine.

Also, it will not fall to say that this is a very complex process that involves the measurements from the water level pressure sensor to the air taps. It also follows the checking of the water levels to the tubs from the air taps. 

Well, it can be said that technically it is all about the water hose to the air taps. And this error code is a dysfunction of the same. So it is important to get a fix for this particular error code. 

In the next segment, we will discuss the causes for the same and what aggravates the said error.

What are the reasons behind the occurrence of the whirlpool washer error code F3E1?

What are the reasons behind the occurrence of the whirlpool washer error code F3E1?

It is better to say that this is a complex error and it has very definite causes to it. All those causes have been stated and listed below:

  • This error code can arise if the sensor for determining the water level is at fault.
  • When there is a problem in the branch pipe, it acts as a major cause for the occurrence of this error code.
  • The defect in the pipe hose can also be considered as a cause that aggravates this particular error code.

Hence, these are the specific reasons that can be considered as the exact cause for the occurrence of the whirlpool washer error code F3E1.

However, it is time to know how to troubleshoot the said error code after analyzing all the causes.

How to get rid of the problem of the Whirlpool washer error code F3E1?

It is really important to fix this particular error code as soon as possible because until and unless this error code is fixed, the Whirlpool machine will not function. For that, it is very important to determine that is it a temporary breakdown or a permanent failure of the machine.

How to get rid of the problem of the Whirlpool washer error code F3E1?

The solution steps to this problem are mentioned below:

Reset the Washer

First, verify that this error code is temporary or not. TO do this, just reset your washer and see if this error has been gone, which means the problem was temporary and if still appearing, move on to the next steps.

  • Turn off your machine and unplug it from all the power sources.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes and replug all the wires and cables.
  • Turn ON your machine and see the presence of the error.

Check the position of the flexible tube

The position of the flexible tube inside the body of the washing machine is very vital. It can get twisted, depressured, blocked, etc and it will create the problem that will give you this error code. So, it is very important to check the position of the flexible tube before moving on to the next fix.

Rectify Pressure Sensor

This error code may also occur if there is a malfunction with the pressure sensor of the Whirlpool washing machine and the pump from where the water comes. The sensor is responsible to control the tank’s water volume and also doing the pumping process. You need to check the pressure sensor of the machine from time to time to avoid the occurrence of this error.

Control Unit Breakdown

There is always a control unit in every pumping station or machine for that matter. And if the control unit breaks down because of any cause, then it is a very big problem. the control unit includes the filling of the tank and the release of water from its to the washing machine. The breakdown of the control unit will disrupt the whole mechanism of the machine and you will not be able to get your task done.

Check Air Trap Pipe

Another cause could be the clogged air trap pipe. When this pipe gets clogged, it can’t get air and, as a result, the error code F3E1 can arise. So, check whether this pipe is clogged or not. If you found some wastes that are clogging the pipe, remove them clearly and see if this proves a hand to you.

Thus, there were not many solutions but, these are very few but effective ones. So it is better that you can just abide by the solutions and get the fix your problem. 


We hope you have got the solution to your problem as these solutions are very much effective and indeed a great reliever to get over such error codes. but if you are still stuck with the problem then you may always contact support on the Whirlpool official website and they will make sure that your error is fixed.

Frequently asked questions by Whirlpool Washer users 

Is the whirlpool washer error code F3E1 a complex error to solve?

When compared to other error codes then, definitely, the whirlpool washer error code F3E1 is a complex error code that requires much more time and effort to solve.

How Do I Fix Whirlpool washer error code F3E1?

To fix this error code, you can follow the mentioned methods above in detail. But, in short, you can perform a power cycle of your machine, check the positions of the flexible tube, check the pressure sensor, check the control board, and check the air trap pipe.

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