Bosch Washer Error Code E02 [How To Fix]

In this busy life, people are going fast. Everyone wants smart work from other people or the machine which can reduce our work. And when users found any error on their machine, it is very frustrating for them. Sometimes Bosch users get an error code “E02” on their washing machine. Just of this error, the machine stops working. But no need to worry, this guide can help you with this error code. 

So, Let’s have the reason or the solution for this error code. 

What does Bosch Washer Error Code E02 indicate?

Bosch Washer Error Code E02 indicates a critical problem with the electric motor of the device. Because of this, when the program runs the drum does not rotate or the program does not start. As this error code is a critical error hence if this is not fixed, the wiring or the engine of your device may catch fire.

Causes of Bosch Washer Error Code E02?

Here are some reasons by which users face the “Bosch Washer Error Code E02”.

  • Rotor Bearing Failure
  • Tacho Sensor is out of order
  • Brushes are worn out

Rotor Bearing Failure

Rotor Bearing Failure means that there can be noise when the washer spins or it can be a leakage in the tank. The reason is water that has got into the bearing of the rotor.

Deformation of the rotor axis is a very common problem. So, when the motor rotates, then users can hear a rumbling sound.

Brushes are worn out

Sometimes carbon brushes of the electric motor are exhausted. Due to this, the motor does not work and this indicates brushes are out of order.

TACHO Sensor is out of Order

TACHO Sensor controls the speed of the drum rotation. This shows a malfunction of a tachogenerator. Due to this, the drum rotated abnormally quickly and then stop and shows the error code.

The device is working properly if the resistance is 70 ohms.

So, there are some reasons why the users face the Error Code E02.

Let’s have a look at the solution to these causes.

How to fix Bosch Washer Error Code E02?

Bosch Washer Error Code E02

Sometimes users frustrate because of the error code on the washer display. No need to worry about that. Here are some solutions that can help. 

  1. Make sure that the mains voltage is good enough to operate the Bosch Nexxt 500 series washer. If any issue with the voltage then, you may need the help of a professional electrician.
  2. Unplug the device from the mains and wait for 15-20 minutes. Now, restart the device and check if, after the restart, the E02 error has been gone then, the reason was the failure of the electronic controller.

Solution for Rotor Bearing Failure

  • Just try to install a new electric motor, if this happens.
  • Remove the motor. Get the rotor. Remove the protective cover from the bearing. After cleaning and processing, grease the bearing.
  • Replace the rotor with a new one.

Solution for Brushes worn out

  • As a first step, disconnect your device from the mains and disassemble the Bosch Nexxt 500 series washer.
  • Next, the engine is located below, under the drum, and from here, remove the transmission belt and also disconnect the motor wires.
  • Unscrew the motor.
  • Remove the engine and extract out the carbon brush contacts.
  • Remove the brushes and check: if the parts are completely worn then, replacing them should be a good choice.

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