Bosch Washing Machine Error E18 [Easy Solutions To Fix]

Bosch is a highly efficient brand among all, like others, it can also throw an error sometimes. Users frequently report Bosch Washing Machine Error E18 on the screen of their units. This tutorial is on this error and hopefully, will help all in fixing this error.

Due to many reasons, a washer indicates an error, but luckily, this error code can be resolved by doing some easy tasks.

What is Bosch Washing Machine Error E18?

Error Code E18 on Bosch Washing Machine indicates blockage or kink in the cold water inlet hose or filter. Due to this error code, the washing machine fails to complete the washing cycle or sometimes fails to start itself. Luckily, this error code can be fixed easily by cleaning the drain pump and fixing the blockage of the drain hose.

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Steps To Clean the Drain Pump

Bosch Washing Machine Error E18

If the drain pump is blocked, error E18 may appear, so this is very important to check the blockage and clean it perfectly. 

  • Turn off the washing machine.
  • Pull out the power cable from the electricity source.
  • Now, open and remove the service-hinged leaf or service flap.
  • According to the amount of water, drain out all the water using a pot with ease.
  • Check if the impeller is able to rotate, if no, then clear the surrounding so that it can function properly.
  • Now, refit the pump cover and screw it properly.
  • Cross-check the leakage and power of the pump by adding some water into the detergent drawer.
  • If no leakage is present, start the pumping program now. Hopefully, the error will not come again.
Steps To Clean the Drain Pump

Fix Kinked or Blocked Drain Hose

Fix Kinked or Blocked Drain Hose

Blocked or kinked drain hose may also cause Bosch Washing Machine Error E18. So, to avoid this error code, fix the blockage of the drain hose if it has been blocked by something. Here are the steps:

  • Turn off the unit on which the error code is appearing.
  • Now, pull out all the power cables from the power source.
  • Next, check if the drainage pipe has been installed perfectly without any kinks.
  • Before loosening the pipe clip (Which is the next step), place a pot under the tap to prevent spill.
  • Now, carefully remove the drain pipe and the rest of the amount of water pour out into a pot according to its amount.
  • Next, clean the drain hose and siphon carefully and completely.
  • Before setting this pipe to your unit completely, hold the hose in a pot and start the Drain program.
  • Now, connect the drainage pipe to the siphon and check whether no leakage is from the drain hose.

Book An Engineer (If nothing Helps)

Book An Engineer (If nothing Helps)

If nothing helps, then we will suggest you book an engineer. Now, you will need to fill a form which is given below, and after that, an Engineer will visit to resolve the issue.

Some information related to you and your unit and the error code too will be asked to fill in the form and all done. 

To book an Engineer visit this page

You can select according to your country.

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