Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 6642 [Simplest Steps]

Amazon Prime Error Code 6642 is bothering you? Get some easiest steps to resolve this error code. GadgetsNurture is dedicated to helping its all visitors and therefore we decided to provide some useful steps that will help to fix the error. 

Now let’s come to the main point first. That is- what is error code 6642 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Error Code 6642 is a random error code that may appear during the streaming or when a user tries to sign in. Poor internet, stored corrupted cache, or an outdated version of device or application may cause this error code.”

Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 6642

Amazon Prime Error Code 6642

Here are the steps that will help to fix this error code.

  • A Simple Restart of your Device.
  • Power Cycle your Device and router.
  • Clear the application cache.
  • Reset Smart Hub. (Samsung TV)
  • Reinstall the Application.

Restart the application as well as your Device

Restart the application as well as your Device

A simple restart can work as it does in most cases. So firstly, try to restart your device and application to fix Error Code 6642 from the screen. 

Power Cycle the device and Router

Power Cycle the device and Router

Next, if the above method doesn’t help, unplug all the cables and wires from your device and router. Now, wait for few seconds (approximately 30 seconds) then, replug all the cables and wires, as they were before.

Clear the application cache

If you are getting this error code on your Roku TV then, follow this guide to clear amazon prime cache on Roku TV. Like this, you should clear the cache from other devices too, whatever device you have.

Reset Smart Hub. (Samsung TV)

If the problem is appearing on your Samsung smart TV then, try to reset the smart hub.

  • Open Samsung smart TV Settings.
  • Now, Select the Support option then Self Diagnosis, and now, press Reset Smart Hub.

Reinstall The Application

If the error is still not fixed, uninstall the application and reinstall a fresh version of it. Hopefully, this will fix the error code.

Tell us which method helped you. The comment section is open for all. Additionally, you are free to contact Amazon Support, if nothing helps. Thanks…

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