LG Washer Error Code UE/uE- What this is, and How to Fix It?

If you have an LG Washer or washing machine and getting an error code UE then, this guide is for you. You are going to learn what this error code states and how you can fix it easily.

Depending upon the model of your washer, Error code uE/UE occurs on a top load LG washing machine that states that your machine is trying to balance the load. This error code could be a result of unbalancing of the unit, or the load itself. The good thing is you can resolve this easily on your own. But, in some cases, taking the help of a professional could be a better idea. But, let’s try first how you can handle this issue on your own and then, will talk about the cases when you need a professional.

LG Washer Error Code UE

LG company has very balancing users from all over the world. The users love products made and marketed by this company over the years. LG did not make only washers, this also deals in many electronic items such as mobile phones, smart TVs, home appliances, etc.

People who buy a digital or electronic product- should be noted that they may face errors and issues in the future. However, they can resolve some errors and bugs by doing some simple tasks but sometimes, resolving an error or bug could take longer, and also you may need to connect with a professional.

In this guide, you will get- why a washer may throw an error and what steps will help you to fix the LG washer error code UE/uE. So let’s start without killing much time.

Why my LG washer is showing an error?

Why my LG washer is showing an error?

Well, defining this question, we would like to say that any digital gadget can throw an error code- when the requirements don’t meet. So if you are seeing an error on your LG Dishwasher, the best possibility is that the system or unit is detecting some issue in the functionality. This issue can be apart from the hardware or the software installed on your unit, or due to any of these.

In case of the error code uE/UE, the steps are given below. You just have to follow them and hopefully, after then, the error will disappear from the screen of your unit.

Steps To Fix LG Washer Error Code UE/uE

Steps To Fix LG Washer Error Code UE/uE

You can fix the error and how? Here are the steps mentioned, read and follow them.

  • First, power off the unit.
  • Take all the things out from the drum: means empty the drum.
  • Power On the unit.
  • Now, select Rinse and spin cycle.
  • Next, press Start and wait for the completion of the cycle, approx 20 minutes. See if the error is gone or still has an appearance.

If this helps, you can leave this guide from here, and if the error is still blinking, means you have to notice some other things.

  • Controller.
  • Seals and Bearings.
  • Tacho sensors and the belt.

These parts may get malfunction and result in the error code UE. In most cases, the above-mentioned steps help users to fix the issue but, if they fail to help then, maybe the controller, seals, bearings, sensors, or the belt can be damaged. 

If your machine is in warranty period then, you can contact your nearest LG Service Center as fixing other things like the machine’s electronics such as controller, and sensors could be difficult for you. Additionally, if your warranty period is over, you are free to contact any specialist who fits well for you.

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Final Thought

Don’t confuse with UE or uE, both the error code are the same. On some devices, it can appear as UE while on some this can be shown as uE. The solutions are the same for both errors. Hope this guide has been helped you and the error is disappeared from your screen.


There are some questions that users frequently ask:

What does UE on washer mean?

According to Samsung, this error code usually means that the laundry load is unbalanced or has stopped the spin function. This could happen due to safety reasons.

How do I get my LG washer to drain?

To do this, turn on your LG washing machine and press the spin button, then press start. A few minutes later, the spin cycle will complete and end, the machine should have drained out the water from it.

What makes washing machine unbalanced?

The answer is very simple- The suspension spring breaks. If these breaks become unbalanced, your machine starts shaking and vibrating during the operations.

Can I force my washer to drain?

If you are trying to drain a washing machine for moving or for storage, powering it down will keep any electronic problems from popping up. To do this, you need to switch the power button on the model off and unplug your washer from the outlet.

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