Samsung TV Error Code 189: Here is How to Fix It?

Smart TVs are the talk of the electronic town nowadays. With the invention of smart TVs, it has been fascinating to users that they can use the internet to watch youtube and other stuff on the same device that they are watching TV channels. So the Smart TV concept is a loved one.

Samsung smart TV is one of the best in the electronic market and it is really in demand. People love to watch their internet broadcast on the Samsung smart TV as it is very user-friendly and it gives a good picture quality with a big screen. But the Samsung smart TV is also not resistant to error codes. The Samsung TV error 189 is also one such error code that appears on the Samsung smart TV and it gets annoying for the user to browse their TV.

It is time to know what is this error code about and what aggravates the cause along with all the solution measures to it.

What is the Samsung tv error 189?

Samsung TV error 189

Many users are experiencing the Samsung tv error 189 whenever they are trying to login into their smart TV. It makes it clear that the Samsung tv error 189 is a login error. this error code also appears on the screen of the device of the user when the user is trying to download the application on their device.

The Samsung TV error code 189 appears on the device’s screen that states and I quote:

“Unable to connect to the Samsung Server. Please update your TV’s software to solve this problem. (189).”

Hence it can be said that the main problem lies with the updation of the software of the smart TV. If the user is using an outdated version and if there is a problem with the Samsung server then, this problem arises.

In the next segment, we will discuss the causes for the said issue and what makes the problem trigger.

Reasons behind the occurrence of the Samsung TV error code 189

Causes Samsung TV error 189

As it has already been said in the earlier section that this is a login error that can be caused mostly because of outdated system software. Except this, there can be other causes as well which are also stated below:

  • The main reason that can be considered to be the major cause for the occurrence of this issue is the outdated version of the Samsung application on your device.
  • Another reason can be server issues. A problem in the server is a very common and frequent one. So it can very well be the cause of the problem.
  • Poor internet connection is the most frequent cause of any error code and that can happen in this case as well.
  • Cache and corrupted files, if present in your device can give you this error code for which you will not be able to login to your smart TV.

As the issues and the causes have been identified, it is time to know how can we get rid of the said problem.

Solutions of Samsung tv error 189

Samsung TV error code 189 fix

There are a few of the solution steps that have been tried and tested by the users and those have proven to be fruitful.

 All the solution measures have been mentioned below:

Update your smart TV

As the main reason behind the occurrence of this error code is the outdated system software, it is important that the first solution measure you take is to update your Samsung smart TV.

This is how you can do so:

  • Press the menu button and go to settings.
  • Open supports tab and click on software update.
  • If there is no available update then change your source to live TV.
  • Then go to software update and select ‘update now’. 

This is how I will be able to update your Samsung smart TV.

Use add account option

You can add another account in case you are facing this issue and troubleshoot the same.

You can do so by following these steps:

  • Press the home button on your TV remote, and head to the settings option.
  • Open system manager and click on account.
  • There you will get the option of ad an account.
  • Click on sign in and enter your Samsung ID and password.
  • After you are done with this measure, check if the problem got fixed or not.

Use different account

Sometimes, using a different account may also help you get rid of the problem. It may happen because the present account that you are using is at fault and logging in to your Samsung smart TV with a different account will not show you this error code.

Check internet connectivity

This is the most basic troubleshooting step ever to get rid of any record whatsoever. If you do not have a proper internet connection or if your having a slow internet connection then, also this error code appears and you won’t be able to login into your Samsung smart TV. So make sure that you have a proper internet connection with the proper network speed.

Check the system server

It may also happen that there may be a problem with the system server or the Samsung server. if either of them is at fault then you will not be able to log in to your Samsung smart TV and the login error will arise. So wait till the servers get fixed and then try to log in to your account.

Clear The Cache

If the problem is happening with only a single or two applications, maybe the cause is corrupted cache files. Clearing the cache may help if this is the case exactly. 

After clearing the cache, check if the applications which were creating problems to run are running properly or not.

Wrapup Things

So, the above-mentioned methods are all the troubleshooting steps that you may opt for to solve error code 189 on your Samsung Smart TV. It can be said that fixing this error code is not that complicated and you may try all these troubleshooting steps to do that. Still, if you are facing this problem and you are not being able to get rid of it then you may always contact support to the Samsung service providers. 

People Also Ask

What type of error Is the Samsung tv error 189?

The Samsung tv error 189 is a login error that mainly occurs because of outdated system software.

Will updating the Application version fix the error 189 on my Samsung TV?

Well, if the problem is happening due to an outdated version of the application used on your TV, this might be fixed when you install a new and latest version of the application.

How do I update Samsung Smart TV not available?

Take your remote and press the Source button in the top left corner and select TV. Now, return to the Menu and select the Support option. Next, select the Software Update option. Now, you can see the latest update right now.

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