Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting [How To Fix]

Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting: How annoying it feels when you have got some plugs to connect appliances but those plugs become faulty, and they stop working. This makes your task of connecting your appliances or devices as the plug which you intended to connect does not work or it just becomes unable to connect.

This article is about the Gosund Smart Plug which has a problem of not connecting and the users have experienced this often and they have complained about the said issue as well.

What is the problem with the Gosund smart plug and what makes it not to connect with the devices to which the user is trying to connect it is. This article will revolve around this?

So, first of all, let’s focus on the issues and see what is it that is causing the problem of the Gosund smart plug not connecting.

Why is the Gosund Smart Plug not Getting Connected?

Why is the Gosund Smart Plug not Getting Connected

As the Gosund is a smart plug and connecting to it will always require an internet connection. Hence there are some of The definite causes which act as the reason behind the problem of the Gosund smart plug not getting connected. 

These causes are as follows:

  • Your Gosund smart plug will not connect if there is no proper Wi-Fi connection.
  • It can also happen if your Gosund smart plug is far away from your router and it is not coming under the range of your router. Hence, it is not getting an internet connection.
  • Even if the Gosund app is not up to date then also there will be a problem in the connection of the smart plug with your device.
  • Another reason for the Gosund smart plug not connecting is that the Gosund app simply needs to be reset.

Therefore, these are the possible causes that aggravate the problem of the Gosund smart plug not connecting.

It is time to know how to solve the set problem so that you can enjoy the facility of the Gosund smart plug.

How to Fix Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting?

How to Fix Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting

There are several solutions that you can try to solve the problem of your Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting, as it has proven to be useful to other users.

The following solutions can be tried to fix the said problem:

Check the Configuration of Your Wi-Fi

Before accusing the Gosund smart plug of being defective, you need to check whether- is there any problem with the configuration of your Wi-Fi or not. It is connected with the frequency which means that the higher the frequency higher will be the data speed and hence the faster will be the data processing. So always check your Wi-Fi configuration and frequency before plugging in the smart plug.

Disable your VPN

A private network keeps your system safe by masking your IP and geolocation but in times when you know that your system is safe and there is no danger of any malpractice then you may deactivate or disable your VPN. Restart the devices including your router, after the VPN is deactivated and see whether the issue got fixed or not.

Reset the Gosund Smart Plug 

Even after trying the previous fixes, your Gosund smart plug is still not working then a factory reset of the smart plug can be a possible solution. This may delete and start afresh with many of the functioning but it will get users of the problem of the Gosund smart plug not working or not connecting.

Switch Between Easy Mode and AP Mode

It depends on device to device. Some devices are compatible with the easy mode whereas other devices such as a few smartphones are compatible with AP mode. So to see which works better you need to keep on switching between the modes. For instance, if your device is not working on easy then, try to switch it to AP mode and see whether it works or not and vice versa.

Uninstall and reinstall

This is the ultimate solution and the easiest one whenever you are trying to solve any problem in this regard. Just uninstall the Gosund app and re-install it again. This will help you to solve the error most easily. If this doesn’t turn out to be fruitful then you may resort to some other solution measures.

Try a different socket or plug

You can always try using a different plug, socket, or device. It can also happen that the problem lies with your device and not the Gosund smart plug. In that case, it is advisable to change the plug, socket, or device for that matter.

Therefore, these are all the possible solutions that may get you need of this problem and you will be able to connect your Gosund smart plug with your device.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has proven to be fruitful to you as it has been to many other users. These are all the solutions that you can try to fix your Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting. The problem of not connecting is not all that will annoy you, so get rid of it and perform your task at hand.

People Also Ask

How to check the Wi-Fi frequency of the Gosund smart plug?

You can read it from the name of the network in your wifi settings. It will appear beside the name of the WiFi that you are using.

What app does Gosund use?

Gosund uses a third-party app that is named Smart Life. 

How do I connect my Gosund to my network?

  • Download and install the Gosund app on your device.
  • Plug the smart plug into a socket and make sure the indicator light is blinking fast after.
  • Now, complete the steps in the app to add your plug to your Gosund account.
  • The Gosund Smart Plug will only work when your network’s frequency is 2.4GHz or more.
  • Now, connect the plug and enjoy!
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