Why is My Eufy Camera Flashing Blue (And Red)?

Eufy Camera Flashing Blue (And Red): Eufy Cam is considered to be one of the best picks when it comes to home security measures. You, as a user can be very well concerned about the security of your home and all the belongings that you have, and for that, the best choice is Eufy Cam. As the camera facilities that it provides are one of the best and most convenient in the market.

But what happens when your Eufy Cam becomes defective or has some problem with its functioning? It is reported by many users of the Eufy Cam that their camera flashes blue and/or red light sometimes. In this article, we will tell you about Why does it happen and what is the issue because of which this mishap occurs. 

Eufy Camera Flashing Blue and Red

Why is My Eufy Camera Flashing Blue (And Red)

If you are seeing a red light on your Eufy Cam or there is a blinking of the red light then, the most probable conclusion which you can draw out of it is that your Eufy Cam is not working properly and it is not recording the footage of the camera. That means a camera without footage is meaningless and needs to be fixed immediately.

On the other hand, if you see the flashing of blue light or if blue light is constantly there on your Eufy Cam, it means that the Eufy Cam is fully charged or is ready to get connected. 

The flashing of the red light of the Eufy Cam points out that there is some problem or error with the functioning of the camera that means that the camera is not working properly. Whereas the blinking of the blue light does not go with any error or problem with the camera. It just comes as a reminder that the camera is pointing out that it is fully charged and can be connected to the device or monitor so that the footage may be displayed. Hence, it can be said that the reasons behind the two lights are different where one shows an error or fault and the other one just shows a reminder or an instruction, you may say. 

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However, there is nothing to worry about because it is said to be a very common issue that has very easy solutions to it.

How to fix the red or blue light on your Eufy Cam?

How to fix the red or blue light on your Eufy Cam

It is considered to be a very small problem that has very easy troubleshooting measures. So do not worry about it at all and follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the problem one by one. Either of them will be the fix to your problem.

The solution measures to the said problem are as follows:

Make sure your Eufy camera is connected to the internet

To record the footage of the camera properly it needs to have an internet connection. Hence it is important to see whether your Eufy camera is connected to the internet or not. Make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi connection that is connected to your Eufy camera.

Unplug ethernet cord and power connector

Sometimes you may start using the Eufy camera and want to record the footage of it while it is connected to the power connector and it is plugged in in the Ethernet cord. In this case, it will never record the footage and you need to make sure that you have unplugged your ethernet cord and also the power connector to which it was connected.

Use the sync button properly

This is also very evident that there can be a problem with the sync button of your camera. Use it properly and hold the sync button for 15 seconds and then, release it so that the device may get turned off, and then you may restart it again.

Wait for some time

This is just a wait-and-watch fix of the problem. The issue may get fixed automatically if you just wait for some time and see whether the problem which may be caused by several reasons got its fix or not. 

Restart your device

It can also be the case that there may be no problem as such with your device. It’s just that it needs a power cycle and then it will be working properly again automatically. You may just turn off your device and camera and wait for some time to restart again, and then you will see that the red or blue light that was flashing earlier is gone now.

Therefore, these are all the troubleshooting measures that are considered to be very simple and you may get your fix.

Final Words

The Eufy cameras are considered to be the need of the hour for home security provisions. But as an electronic device, it may also come across with problems and the problem of the red and blue light. So if you are facing Eufy Camera Flashing Blue and Read then, follow these troubleshooting steps you may get your fix. But in case you did not get the solution to the problem through this article, you may always contact the people who provide services for repairing the faults in cameras and other electronic devices.

People Also Ask

Is the reason behind the flashing of the red light and blue light the same?

No. There are differences between red and blue light. The red light means that there is some problem with the Eufy Cam which needs a quick fix whereas the blue light means that it is ready to get connected and it is charged to go.

Eufy Camera Flashing Blue: What does it mean?

A blue light on your Eufy camera means that it is ready to get connected or in simple words, you can say that it is nothing but an indication or instruction.

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