Does Eufy Doorbell Have Night Vision? Here is All You Need to Know

Does Eufy Doorbell Have Night Vision: When you have thought of installing a home security camera the first thing that comes to your mind is will this camera be sufficient to keep my home safe and look after all the misconduct that can happen in and around my home? Well, the answer to this is the facilities provided by Eufy camera. 

As a user, you would always want to have all the possible facilities and a security camera as and when required. The feature of the night vision is also one such facility that a user would like to have when they think of installing a security camera in their home. And the Eufycam very well provides the user with the facility of night vision.

What is the facility about and how does it work, let’s just discuss it in the next section.

How does the facility of the night vision works?

Does Eufy Doorbell Have Night Vision

There is the availability of the night vision facility on Eufycam and at night time when it is dark the Eufy security camera captures high definition 1080 pixel crystal clear pictures. And not only it is designed to click crystal clear pictures in the nighttime, but also in poor weather conditions like thunderstorms, blizzards, and heavy rain it is equipped to click high definition pictures in these conditions as well. 

Well, there are other security cameras in the market as well such as ring and Arlo that are also very famous and used by many users. But the Eufy security camera considers itself to be superior and this particular matter. This is because the Eufy doorbell camera makes use of a Sony sensor. 

So you might be thinking that what is so special about the Sony sensor? Let’s look into the answer to It.

The Sony sensor component is special and better because of the following reasons:

  • It is well equipped to capture high-quality pictures in low light.
  • It works according to the size of the internet protocol camera which is an f2.2 aperture.
  • The facility of the illuminated back design is also included in the sewing sensor which prevents the light receptor from getting activated.
  • It does not require any high pitch sound to notify the user about any visitor or possible misconduct.
  • The device is equipped with infrared lighting as well. forever the don’t girl is stressed the small LED infrared light is activated which works as a signal to the user of a visitor.

These were all the advantages of having a Sony sensor in your security camera.

Don’t forget to Know This feature

Another very important feature of the Eufycam is that it displays the footage of night vision in color as well. It is not the case that just because it is dark outside and the camera captures black and white images, it will also display it in the same manner. 

On the other hand, no matter what and even if it records black and white images in the dark, the video footage or images that will be displayed on the monitor of the Eufycam will be of color images so that the user will be able to easily identify whatever that is happening and going on in and around his or her house. 

So, these are all the advantages of installing the Eufycam as your security camera in your house which provides you high-quality images even in night vision and will not cause you any problem whatsoever whenever you are trying to spot anyone or anything in and around your house.

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Additional features of the Eufycam doorbell

Additional features of the Eufycam doorbell

Whereas, The night vision feature is the highlight of the Eufy camera right now, other pictures are Eufy camera doorbell provides. 

These features can be mentioned as follows:

  • One of the most important features that any security camera can offer you is its long battery life. The Eufycam has a long battery life which is not required much charging and the battery back of this security camera is commendable. It guarantees a long battery life to its users.
  • The Eufycam uses artificial intelligence to detect faces. this is an important feature as nobody wants their security camera to give away false alarms and to prevent that facial detection is necessary which Eufycam does.
  • This particular security camera allows you to adjust the activity zone. For Instance, if you want to look into the front porch vision, then it will show you only that portion only. The same goes for any area that you want to look into. The adjustable feature of the activity zone is a very user-friendly one.

Hence, It can be said that not one but there are many reasons why you should pick Eufycam as your security camera.

Final Words

It is very important to install security cameras nowadays in your house as the ever-growing misconduct that is happening in the world. In that case, Eufy security cameras can be your best choice for all the reasons that are stated above. The facility of the new vision is considered to be one of the best in Eufycam as it provides high definition and pixel quality images and videos for better identification and the user knows what is happening around him or her belonging. So hopefully, now you have gotten your answer to the question- Does Eufy Doorbell Have Night Vision?

Frequently asked questions

Does the night vision feature of the Eufycam provides a black and white picture?

No, this is what makes Eufycam different from other security cameras even if it is night and dark outside, the pictures and videos that the user will get to see will be of color.

Why does my EUFY doorbell not record at night?

To get start this function, you have to enable the Camera in camera/doorbell settings. After that, your Eufy Doorbell will start recording at night.

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