Whirlpool washer error code dr [Easy Methods To Fix]

Recently, many users have complained about the occurrence of error codes in Whirlpool washers. Yes, you got it right! Whirlpool washers have become prone to error codes and it can be said that few of them are complex and solving them is considered to be a big task. 

In this article, we will talk about the Whirlpool washer error code dr in detail and we will also suggest the solution measures which will help you to get rid of this error code. 

What is the Whirlpool washer error code dr?

The identification of the Whirlpool washer error code dr is very simple and is known by the user in a Jiffy. This particular error code occurs when there is a problem with the water drainage. So basically the Whirlpool washer error code dr is a water drainage error code.

It appears on the screen of the machine when the Whirlpool washer stops suddenly during the process. The Whirlpool washer displays the error code when it is not able to drain water from its tank for various reasons. 

Those reasons or causes have been stated in the next segment.

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Reasons behind the occurrence of the Whirlpool washer error code dr

Whirlpool Washer error dr

There are not many causes of this error code. as it has already been said that it is a water drainage issue so all the causes revolve around the said problem only. 

The following are the reasons behind the occurrence of the Whirlpool washer error code dr:

  • When the pump is out of order then the problem of not spinning and knowing what is premium arises which results in this particular error code.
  • If there is a failure of the controller in the control unit, then also the Whirlpool washer will not be able to perform its water drainage function.
  • as all dirty and foreign objects go into the pipe of the washer, the drain pipe may get easily clogged. the problem of the drain pipe clogging arises which doesn’t allow the water to drain and this error code appears.
  • This error code may also arise if there is damage to wiring at the junction of a pump and a controller. Such damage will disallow all functions of the washer.

Therefore, these Are the various causes because the Whirlpool washer error code dr appears. It is time to know how to get rid of this particular error code which is discussed in the next segment.

How to fix the Whirlpool washer error code dr?

Whirlpool Washer error dr how to fix

Check the control module

If that is a problem with the control module of the Whirlpool washer then this error code may constantly occur. So to treat it make sure that you reboot the electronic controller of the Whirlpool washer and after waiting for some time, say for 10 to 15 minutes you may restart your washer again. 

Check the drain pump contacts

If the washer is exposed to external influences rearrangement and enforcement of transportation then the drain pump may get affected and will be dysfunctional. So you can fix the drain pump by just pressing it hard and fixing it to the pipe. This is considered to be an easy fix.

Repair the drain hose

The real problem lies when the drain hose of your washer is bent. So make sure that whenever you are trying to use your Whirlpool washer the drain hose is in proper condition and is not bent at all. Fixing the hose will automatically terminate the error.

Replace the pump

If the problem lies with the pump that is if there is a problem with the functioning of the pump then it is very difficult to repair it. It’s almost impossible to do that so it is said that it is better to replace the pump altogether. Replacing the defective pump will make your washer Just like a new one.

check the drain filter

The drain filter may get clogged easily because of the presence of all the dirty elements So make sure that you clean it regularly. You can clean it by opening the flap that is located in the lower right corner of the washer.

Replace wires and point of connections

If the wires of the circuit or connections are broken or faulty then Replace them as soon as possible because that will make your washer dysfunctional and despite that, it will also become dangerous to operate an electrical appliance with faulty wires.

Therefore, these were the list of all the solutions regarding the problem of the Whirlpool washer error code dr.

Final Thoughts

It can be said that by following all the solutions you will get rid of the problem but in case you are still stuck with the problem you may always contact support the customer care of the Whirlpool company.

Frequently asked questions

What if we keep the burnt-out circuit in the Whirlpool machine itself?

The Whirlpool washer will be of no use if you keep the burnt-out circuit in it without repairing the same.

What does Error Code DR indicate on Whirpool Washer?

The Error code DR on the Whirlpool washing machine indicates that the machine has run for 3 consecutive cycles without the door being opened.

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How do I fix the Error code DR on my Whirlpool washing machine?

To fix this error code, just open and close the door and restart the cycle again. Alternatively, if this error doesn’t vanish, try the explained solution in this guide.

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