How to Install Chromecast on Samsung TV? [Simple Steps]

Samsung smart TVs are considered to be the top of the electronic town and market in recent times. The newly launched feature of smart TVs and their upcoming upgrades from the side of Samsung has been immensely recognized and is in great demand by the people.

When we talk about smart TV we see that we can perform all the activities and everything that we can watch on mobile phones or PC with the help of an internet connection, we can watch it on the Samsung smart TV as well. 

This article is about the installation of Chromecast on Samsung TV. If you do not know how to install it or if you are facing any problems while installing the Chromecast on Samsung smart TV then you may refer to this article to know how exactly it works.

How to Install Chromecast on Samsung TV?

How to Install Chromecast on Samsung TV

If you are opting for a Samsung smart TV, you will see that many of them come with a pre-installed Chromecast. However, if there is no pre-installed Chromecast you can install it by following these simple steps:

Plugin your Chromecast

You will have to plug in the Chromecast first. Next, insert the micro USB cable into the Chromecast then after connect the charging block to an outlet. There will be an HDMI cable with your Chromecast which you can directly plug into your TV. Make sure that you plug in both of them properly.

Download the Google Home app

It is not necessary to use the Google home after every time you are using the Chromecast but, you will need it for the initial use of the Chromecast and if you need to make any future configurations. Please note that you will have to have a Google account to use the application. Download the Google Chrome app from Google Play Store or app store.

Follow the prompts on the screen

This is considered to be the earliest stage to complete the installation process. to complete the process, navigate to the home screen and select the “+” symbol where Tap on “Set up device” and Choose “New Device”. Now, it will ask you to enter the Wi-Fi credentials and other relevant information depending on the version of the Chromecast that you are using. 

Therefore, the Chromecast installation process on your Samsung TV is complete.

How to use the built-in Chromecast?

However, if you already have a pre-installed Chromecast on your Samsung TV then this is how you made use of it:

  • Download the smart things app on your device and it will help you to use many compatible devices with Samsung TV.
  • Allows screen sharing from your mobile app to the Samsung smart TV and views content.
  • Install the Smart Things app, and add your Samsung smart TV. If the TV asks for permission to share your mobile screen, share and allow it.
  • Then you have successfully connected your phone to the TV then just switch to the smart view option and start viewing content.

Therefore, this is how you can enjoy Chromecast on built-in Samsung tv.

Chromecast is Not Installing on Samsung Smart TV: Troubleshooting the installation process

Chromecast is Not Installing on Samsung Smart TV

If there some problem arises while trying to install the Chromecast on your Samsung TV then you may try these troubleshooting measures:

If your Chromecast is not connecting to the internet

A problem may arise that the Chromecast is not connecting to the internet then make sure that you have put in the correct login credentials along with the password. Also, make sure that your phone and device are connected to the same network. 

The problem with the turning on Chromecast

There can be several reasons for which the problem of turning on Chromecast may arise. You can Try using another charging block and/or Use another Micro-USB charger and/or Reset the device and see whether the Chromecast is turned on or not.

Absence of an HDMI port in the TV

If you are using an older Samsung TV then there will be no HDMI port in it. But you can still connect to Chromecast. This would involve purchasing an HDMI to AV converter. Here, you would insert your Chromecast’s HDMI into the device while inserting the RBG cables into the back of your TV.

Therefore these are all the troubleshooting measures when there some problem arises when you’re trying to connect the Chromecast to the Samsung TV.


We hope this article has proven to be fruitful to you and you have got your help with the process of installation of the Chromecast on the Samsung smart TV. This is a very convenient process and this article explains it all. But if you are not able to get how to install the Chromecast then, you may contact the Samsung service providers and consult them with the same.

Frequently asked questions

Is the installation process Of the Chromecast on Samsung TV, complicated?

No. It is very simple as Samsung is known for its user-friendly and handy usage. The installation process of the Chromecast on Samsung TV is also very simple.

Does Samsung TV have a built-in Chromecast?

The simple answer is No not all but, many of them come with pr-installed Chromecast, but, if you have already installed Chromecast on your Samsung TV, you can use it.

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