American Standard Thermostat Error Code 126 [Simple Steps To Fix]

What is American standard Thermostat Error code 126, and how to fix it? Get your answer in this guide and resolve the issue. 

American standard is a famous brand that deals in various machines, and a thermostat is one of these machines. Like Lennox, this is also quite popular and used by a huge number of people. 

Like other brands, American Standard is also improved with technology. However, you may face an error code but, overall the units of this brand are good for use. Now, come to the point, and let’s discuss what steps you should follow when you encounter an error like 126.

What does American Standard Thermostat Error Code 126 mean?

What does American Standard Thermostat Error Code 126 mean?

Getting American Standard Thermostat Error Code 126 usually indicates a problem with the power flow. Sometimes, due to power outages or fluctuation, the power switch may be tripped and the error code may appear. Additionally, this error code can appear also if the float switch is tripped.

When you have gotten an error, your mind gets disturbed and starts thinking about how you will fix this and why you are getting this error. So, here you can start fixing this error, let’s start.

Steps To Fix

American Standard Thermostat Error Code 126

Some simple steps can resolve this error code, just try applying these steps:

Try to Reset your Unit to fix the error code 126.

  • In the breaker box, locate the switch for your thermostat.
  • Flip the switch to OFF and wait for 30 seconds at least.
  • Next, turn the switch to the ON. 
  • The rebooting process may take a few minutes so, wait until it is completed.

Note: Remember the HVAC system is in IDLE mode before processing!

Check Inside Unit’s float switch.

  • Turn Off the inside and outside units.
  • On the drain line check for the inside unit’s float switch.
  • Here you will see two wires leading to it.
  • If this switch is tripped, then gear up to the normal position.


In conclusion, American Standard Error Code 126 can be fixed by resetting the unit. Additionally, if the inside unit’s float switch is tripped then place this switch to ON. Hopefully, this guide helped you. If you need any assistance with the American Standard Support then, feel free to contact them.

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