Liftmaster Error Code 4-1 [2022]: Very Easy Steps to Fix

Are you experiencing Liftmaster Error Code 4-1? Is your garage/company/house door not opening or demanding too much force to unlock? Nothing to worry about, just read this guide and take help of the easy steps mentioned in this. The error code will disappear.

Where all the gadgets are digital and intelligent, why doors back? House doors are light in comparison to garage or commercial doors. To secure house doors, people use smart locks, security cameras, etc. Liftmaster is an automation solution for industrial and residential buildings where the doors are hefty.

Some users have been frustrated and looking for a simple guide that can tell them the easy steps to resolve the Liftmaster Error Code 4-1. Now, the time has come, this is the guide where you will get the steps.

Let’s see what this error code says and how you will reach a proper solution.

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1 relates to an issue with the closing force that the door needs. This usually indicates that the door is taking excessive closing force, which could be due to obstruction in the tracks or an issue in the alignment. Additionally, worn rollers or hinges can break. Besides these, there are many other factors too- that may affect the closing force.

Hearing too many causes, don’t be afraid. Let’s see all the causes, and the steps that can fix the error code easily.

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Points to Take Care of to Fix Liftmaster Error Code 4-1

Liftmaster Error Code 4-1

Read carefully, as there could be many non-visible causes that can cause an obstacle in closing the doors, and as a result, the closing force may increase.

  • Torsion Spring: The Torsion spring could be broken, replace it with a new one.
  • Grease or debris could stuck in the travel module: Open the travel module and clean it properly.
  • Slip Belt: Check and install belt retaining cap.
  • Check Worn roller or hinge: Worn roller or hinge could break. Lubricate, repair, or replace it according to the condition.
  • Check Level of Floor: The garage floor could be uneven. Level up the floor or repair it.
  • Shaft Collar: RJO shaft collar could slippy, check and tighten it.
  • Check down limit: The Down limit can be set too far. Reprogram and force the adjustment.
  • Check the Door’s balance: The door could be unbalanced. Check and balance it.
  • Bearing Plate: Apply lubrication or replace the Worn bearing in bearing plates- according to the plate conditions.
  • Check Travel Module Driver: The travel module driver could be tightened. Check and lose it.

Note: If you have checked these things and all is good, but still, the error code is appearing, move to the next step.

Set Alignment to fix Liftmaster Error Code 4-1.

Commonly, an increase in closing force could be a result of an alignment issue. So, to fix Liftmaster Error Code 4-1, this is important to check and set alignment properly. 

You just have to keep your eyes on some simple steps to do this. Let’s see these steps: 

  • First, check if the door is balanced or not.
  • Now, disengage the trolly release, and after that, close the door halfway. Make sure that the door should stay in place.
  • Next, move the door to test for resistance in the track, and don’t lubricate the wheel track. 
  • Now, close the door, reconnect the trolley and then access the buttons.
  • As the next step, hold the up and down button until the arrow flashes. Hold the up button till the door is not set in the required position, once it is set to that position, push the adjustment button to save the setting. 
  • As the same, when the down arrow is flashed, hold the button to set the desired position, and then, push the adjustment button again to save the setting. 
  • When the up arrow will flash again, push the arrow and the door will open to the saved position. As the same,  push the adjustment button and do the same for the down arrow. 
  • Finally, to complete the setup, press the adjustment button again, and all is done.

Now, Error Code 4-1 should be gone. So check if it has been gone or still appearing.

Closing Texts…

To fix Liftmaster’s excessive closing force detection error code 4-1, check and clear any obstruction in the track or set the alignment properly. This fixes the error code in most of the cases but, if this doesn’t help, contact the support for better assistance.

Ideally, clearing the obstruction from the track and setting the alignment properly fixes the error but, besides these, you can do these things- check Torsion Spring, Open the travel module and clean it properly, Check and install the belt retaining cap,  Lubricate, repair, or replace the Worn roller or hinge, Check Level of Floor, check and tighten the shaft collar, and check the door’s balance.

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