Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 1007 [By Using Simple Methods]

Amazon Prime Error Code 1007 usually indicates a sign-in issue, which generally appears due to poor internet connection, outdated version of your browser and application, or corrupted app cache files. In addition, this may also appear if the antivirus software blocks some app files.

Some general steps are required to fix this error code, and these steps are as simple as taking a sip of tea. So, let’s perform these methods together.

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Fix: Amazon Prime Error Code 1007

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection and speed matter. If these are poor by any means then, the doors will open for you to get an error code on your screen. So we will recommend selecting a good internet provider to prevent such types of error codes. 

However, you can perform some simple actions to make your internet speed better. First of all, you should check your internet speed, and if it is less than required to stream a video on Amazon, you should talk to your service provider.

Secondly, you can unplug all the cables from your internet device and after waiting for 30 seconds, plug these all cables as they were before. After doing these actions, you can check if the error code has been gone or not.

Clearing The Application cache

Amazon Prime Error Code 1007

Application cache helps but sometimes causes issues too. Sometimes, an error code could be caused by the corrupted application cache. So clearing the app cache from your device may help in fixing the Amazon Prime Error Code 1007. 

Process of Clearing amazon application cache may differ on different-different devices.

On Android devices:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down and select the Apps option.
  • Now, select Manage Apps.
  • Search for Amazon prime and click on the result.
  • Now, click on the clear data option from the screen and then select clear cache, and again click on clear all data.

if you use Amazon prime on your browser, then clearing the cache may affect the presence of the error. So, flush all the cache stored on your browser and let the application perform normally.

Clearing The Application cache

Update Application and Browser version

If neither the first nor second method works, check if your browser and the application are required an update. An outdated version may lead to an error.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is to protects our systems from viruses and other malicious attacks. No one knows that this can cause issues too. Antivirus software may block some files and cause an error. 

The good news, you can disable your antivirus temporarily. Yes, you can do it without uninstalling your software. 

Here is a guide we have found online to disable your firewall settings and Antivirus software without losing anything.

Check this out:  Disable firewall settings and antivirus in windows 10.

If nothing helps, contact Amazon Prime Support.

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