Amazon Prime Error Code 7188 [Simplest methods to fix]

Amazon Prime provides many contents like movies, series, etc. But sometimes, users get some errors. One of them is Amazon Prime Error Code 7188. You don’t need to worry about it. We are here to provide the solution. Every single step is mentioned in this guide which is very clear and helpful to you. Please go through the guide.

What is Amazon Prime Error Code 7188

Amazon Prime Error Code 7188 is a playback error that generally appears due to an outdated device/app version, unstable internet connection, and corrupted cache files. Sometimes, a proxy server setup may also be a reason behind this error code.

Fix Amazon Prime Error Code[How to Fix]

Amazon Prime Error Code 7188

It’s very frustrating when a user pays for streaming services and user runs the app and gets an error code 7188. There are some simple solutions to this error code. Please go through the below points-

Relaunch the Amazon Prime App

Sometimes, just to close the app and after relaunch it, the problem is fixed. So, please close the app on your device and relaunch it. If it does not work then, check the next action.

Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes, you do not connect properly to the internet or the internet speed is unstable. In this case, also you can get this error. A proper and stable internet is required to stream flawlessly. So, in this situation, please check your internet connection. Disconnect the router and connect it and relaunch the amazon prime app on the device again.

OR, if many devices are connecting to the same router then, disconnect all of them and connect your device only, and relaunch the application.

Cache Issue 

Due to a caching issue, you can get an error code 7188. To remove this problem, please clear the cache files. The process can vary from device to device to delete the cache files. You have to delete the cache of the application according to your device. After deleting the corrupted cache, relaunch the Amazon Prime App. OR, If you are using the browser, then delete the history and try again.

Outdated Versions

Sometimes, the Amazon Prime App version is not compatible with your device version. In this case, the Amazon Prime app may not run on your device. So, please check the device version and if it needs an update, update it immediately. Additionally, you can also update the  Amazon Prime App version. After updating, restart your device and check if the error code is not appearing.

Uninstall and reinstall the application

Noting to worry, if the above actions don’t help. You can select uninstalling and reinstalling the application that might help to fix the issue. Most of the time, this helps to fix the playback issue or some temporary glitches in streaming content on amazon prime. That’s why we are hoping, this should also help you.

After doing this, if still getting the same error code 7188 then, you can connect to Customer Support.

Hope this guide is helpful to you.

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