Bosch Washer Error Code E17 [How To Fix]

Keeping a smart washing machine may simplify your work but, sometimes, this also may trigger errors. Some bosch users, facing Error E17 on their Bosch washer screen. Due to this error code, the washing machine continuously refuses any washing program. If you, too, get this error code and are frustrated, then this guide will help you to flush this error code from your screen.

To keep simplifying household work, users or people love to have machines in their homes. This helps without any issue but, sometimes, an error code does ridiculous work. When an error appears, all your work goes paused for some time. You begin searching for what this is and why you are getting this. No matter what you were doing, all of a sudden you have to pause for some time, till the error code disappears from your screen.

Some errors are insolent and having tried many things, they continue blinking like- they are teasing you. Let’s see what is the Bosch Washer Error E17 and how you will deal with this error.

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What does Bosch Washer Error Code E17 indicate?

Bosch Washer Error Code E17 indicates that the machine is not getting any water supply or the water supply is hindered. As a result, the water supply time has been exceeded, and the washing machine is refusing to process the washing program.

Sometimes, this error code can be F17 for some other models. The basic reasons for the error E17 can be broken wiring, a broken bay valve, a fault with the water pressure sensor, or sometimes if the control module has an issue.

How to Fix Bosch Washer Error Code E17?

Error codes always bother you, but no worry, here are some tested methods to fix the error E17 on your Bosch Washing machine. 

  • Check the Water Supply properly.
  • Check the Filling Valve.
  • The water pressure sensor should be checked.
  • Repair the control module
  • Contact the Service Center.

Check the Water Supply properly

As this issue indicates a hindrance to the water supply, to fix this, you should try to check the water supply first. Just check if the water tap is open or not and if sufficient water is present in the water tank or not. If this will be the issue the issue will resolve here, and if not then, proceed to the next action.

Check the Filling Valve to Fix Bosch Washer Error Code E17

If the water supply is proper but the Bosch Washer Code E17 is still appearing then, the blockage of the filling valve should be the reason behind the error code. Just unscrew the hose through which the water comes into the washing machine. 

Next, inside the nozzle, there will be a special mesh filter of the filler valve that you can see. Sometimes, this filter can be clogged due to some small particles or if the water is heavy in your home.

Water Filter for Washing Machine

There are a lot of water filters present in the market that can prevent the blockage of the filter valve. Purchase a suitable Water Filter for your machine.

Now, wash this valve properly and fit it again in its place properly. To do this, the next actions are required:

  • Remove the Machine’s cover.
  • Take a multimeter and measure the resistance of the valve coil along with the wire contacts.

If it doesn’t help, it means the part is damaged and needs to be replaced. Purchase a new one through the link which is given above.

The water pressure sensor should be checked

If the blockage of the filling valve is not a cause then, without closing the cover of the washing machine check the water pressure sensor. You can find the pressure switch opposite the filler valve. You should check the tube, wires, and the sensor itself. If any malfunction occurs then, this part can not be repaired but it can replace only.

Repair the Control Module

Bosch washing machines have a completely maintainable control module but, we recommend you do not do it on your own if you don’t know- how to handle it with a Multimeter. This should be done by a specialist. If you are having any problems, feel free to contact the service center in your area.

Contact Service Centre

If all the ways did not provide you satisfaction, you need to contact the official service center. If your machine is under warranty, go with the official service, without any hesitation.

However, you can contact other service providers too, but it would be your choice whether you should go with them or not.


The error E17 on Bosch Washer is an indication of the hindrance in the water supply. To fix this error code, Check the Water Supply properly and check the Filling Valve. Additionally, the water pressure sensor should also be checked and you may need to repair the control module. If nothing helps, contact the Service Center.

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