Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes and their Solutions

Bosch is one of the biggest brands that provide quality home appliances like- Washing machines, dishwashers, Owens, and many more. Bosch’s appliances are used widely, and this brand has huge users from all over the world. This guide is for those users who have a Bosch AXXIS Washer and are looking for Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes and their Solutions.

In this guide, we have mentioned some common Bosch Axxis Washer Errors and their solutions too. Using a smart washer saves much time of yours. But, sometimes, an error code can kill your precious time. 

You can purchase a new unit from a trusted E-commerce platform that runs the best deals and offers from time to time. If you are planning to purchase a new Washer or any part of your washer then, you should. 

Bosch offers many machines, and Axxis is a series of washers that Bosch offers to its users. In this series, many errors are present, let’s talk about them and how you will justify them.

Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes

Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes

The Bosch AXXIS Washer has several advantages and technical characteristics that any user will love but, sometimes they also may face errors. See the list, if you are getting any of the mentioned errors then, learn how you can fix that.

Error Code E16

This error code appears when the door is not closed properly. So, if you are getting this error code then, you need to recheck your washer’s door and close it properly.

Error Code E17

Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Code E:17 may arise due to the water tap is not turned on, the water supply hose having closed, If the Strainer in the water supply hose is clogged, or if the water pressure is very low. 

So, if you are getting this error code on the washer’s screen then you have to check if the water tap is turned on, the water supply hose is clear, the Strainer in the water supply hose is clear and the water pressure or flow is perfect or not.

Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes

Error Code E18

Error code E18 on Bosch Axxis washer arises if users use Too much detergent or a non-HE detergent. Sometimes, you may see this error code also if the Pump is blocked. 

Get a HE Detergent Now to avoid this error code. If the pump is blocked and you are getting this error code then you need to clean it up.

These were common Bosch AXXIS Washer Error Codes, if you get other error codes then, you need to just turn off the machine and wait for 5 to 6 minutes, and then turn it on. If the error is still appearing then, you should call customer care immediately.

Don’t Forget to Check our guide to fix Bosch Washer Error Code E17.


Bosch AXXIS has a list of error codes and E16, E17, and E18 are the command errors that users may get on their unit’s screens. This guide told you what these error codes mean and when you may see any of them.

You have no foundations to use your washer but, when an error appears, all your work may pause. So read this guide and get help yourself to resolve the error that is appearing on your side.

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